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about-img-2At TrackTech, we understand that fasteners are perhaps the most critical component of any engine. No matter how well other parts are under your hood, a weak head stud or fastener can be catastrophic for the performance – and even the life – of your vehicle. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of heavy-duty fasteners, including the strongest head studs in class for a wide range of diesel trucks, including the Ford Powerstroke Chevy Duramax Silverado, Dodge Cummins Laramie, and many others.


At 240,000 PSI, TrackTech Head Studs are the strongest in their class, and when it comes to head studs and fasteners, strength matters most. Although we’re a California based company, we searched the globe for the strongest alloy on the planet. Using that material, we employ the highest standards of processing and manufacturing to ensure precise and consistent production of both head studs and fasteners. Then, to validate quality, TrackTech uses a twin-testing process that is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Lab Tested. Lap Tested.

about-img-3 TrackTech head studs are tested for reliability in two ways. First, in the laboratory using a state-of-the-art UTM tensile testing machine. These machines put the head studs through extraordinary pressure to find their breaking point. The data proves that TrackTech head studs stand up to greater extremes than any other brand in their class.

Secondly, TrackTech head studs are tested by professional and amateur racers on the track under the harshest conditions. Strip and circuit, amateur and professional, racers put TrackTech head studs through the most grueling situations making them the race-proven choice for your truck.

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