TrackTech head studs for Dodge and Ram 24 valve Cummins and 12 valve Cummins add strength and durability in diesel engines with performance upgrades. From the first Cummins engine that failed to produce even 10 horsepower to a highly praised 5.9 liter, and now the 6.7 turbo-diesel of today, this diesel powerhouse has built a history of toughness, durability, and power. The 12 valve Cummins engines, known for being better than the 24 valve diesels were, and are, highly sought-after on Dodge and Ram HD trucks. TrackTech has the performance parts, head studs, head gasket kits, and various other diesel parts that can make the 24 valve Cummins as reliable as the 12 valve engine. TrackTech has developed heavy-duty fasteners from the toughest alloys on earth that’ll make your repairs and upgrades on Dodge of Ram Cummins vehicles that much more long-lasting.

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