February 15, 2022

Why Choose TrackTech Fasteners?


Today’s engines are a marvel of modern engineering. The quality is constantly improving each year, and components are made to last. However, your engine is only as strong as its weakest link, and that weak link is often the fasteners used. That’s where TrackTech® fasteners come in.

There are a few important keys to consider if you need fasteners for your diesel engines. So, what makes TrackTech® fasteners better than the others?

Strength and durability

TrackTech® fasteners are the strongest in their class when it comes to head studs for Ford Powerstroke, Chevy Duramax, or Dodge and Ram Cummins diesel engines. This is because the alloy is used in producing TrackTech® fasteners, providing a strength of 240,000 PSI. The combination of a maximum strength alloy and a precise manufacturing process results in fasteners that last under extreme conditions.


Engine parts are expensive, even fasteners. When you choose TrackTech® fasteners though, you’ll almost always pay less than the cost of competing brands for aftermarket head studs and racing fasteners.

Not only are TrackTech® fasteners affordable, but the quality will lower the risk of catastrophic engine damage, which would be a significant expense.

Protecting your engine by using quality parts is extremely important, but we also understand that everyone has a budget they need to stick to. We always keep this in mind so we can offer the best price possible.

Immediate shipping

When your truck is down, you can’t afford to wait to get it back on the road. Many competing brands have long lead times on shipments. TrackTech® fasteners ship immediately from right here in the USA, so you won’t be stuck waiting on parts.

Transit times today can be hit or miss as many carriers are overwhelmed with volume. That’s why it’s important for your product to be out the door immediately.

Lower dealer discounts

TrackTech® offers great savings options for dealers buying in bulk. Our dealer discounts are lower than competing brands. In fact, some of the competition only sells fastener kits one at a time, so if you’re a dealer or try to order multiple head gasket fastener kits from other brands, you just may be out of luck.

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With TrackTech, we won’t limit you to one unit per order, and dealers are very happy with the savings we offer.

Customer service focused

Another factor that differentiates TrackTech® from the competition is our customer service. We are highly focused on providing superior service to all of our customers. If you have a problem or simply have some questions about our products, we’re always available to help guide you every step of the way.

We want you to get exactly the product you need quickly and efficiently.

Make the right choice for your engine

You rely on your engine, so rely on TrackTech® to hold it together. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a high-performance tuned diesel or a factory stock workhorse, you need head studs, bolts, and gaskets that go the distance. When it comes to premium quality head studs and fasteners, TrackTech® offers the best products in the industry.

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